It's All About Me — Deal With It.

Your host, TammyJo EckhartHi. I'm TammyJo Eckhart, Ph. D. — let me tell you a little bit about myself before you explore the rest of this site.

Whether it's science fiction, contemporary fiction, fantasy, horror, or historical fiction, my literature offers something for everyone of mature taste who loves strong, powerful women and sturdy, caring men. I delve into the nature of human relationships on their most intimate, most intense, and sometimes most frightening levels. Much of what I have written has been called 'erotic' in our split-personality society (the one that thinks it's okay to use to sex to sell potato chips, but not okay to educate people about the realities of sexuality in all its forms). I've published some non-fiction as well, including book reviews on a vast array of topics and published my own scholarly articles on women, mythology, gender, and slavery. You can see more about this on the publications page where you'll also find discussions of my writing process, my thoughts on publishing, and snippets of my fiction.

Currently, I have four books in print — with several more in various stages of completion. Whether it's a look back into the Bronze age or a journey into the far future, the odds are good that I have a story set in a period or genre you will enjoy. In part, this is because of my academic background. I hold a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Drake University, a Master's degree from Columbia University and a doctorate from Indiana University. All are in the field of Ancient Mediterranean History with minors in Women's History and Folklore. I've taught dozens of college, university, and community courses ranging from the period of earliest human civilization until today. I appreciate the differences in societies as well as valuing those commonalities that mark us as human beings. All of this shows up in my short stories, novels, and even the role-playing games that I run.

Photo taken by J. GeyerI approach my writing as I do my life, doing nothing I am ashamed of and doing it to the best of my ability. Human culture is complex, so I apply my scholarly background and ability to research in order to create vibrant and believable worlds where my characters and their lives explore things you, as a reader, can only dream about, but with the feelings and rationality that you will recognize in yourself regardless of your ethnicity, gender, nationality, orientation, race, religion, or sex. Life is never as simple or as complex as we first imagine and each of my stories reveals a truth about being human, or formally human, or never human, that has touched people from all walks of life. My writing is, however, for the mature reader. Note that I didn't say 'the adult reader'; age is not the only criteria for maturity. You must be willing to challenge yourself to enjoy literature of any substance or be left reading the same old ideas in the same worlds over and over again — stagnating your mind and soul in the process.

Consider this website a basic resource about my writing and about me. To learn more, explore my links or introduce yourself to me at a convention. I love talking to old fans and new ones. I love seeing that sparkle in someone's eyes when they thought my work 'wasn't for them' and then saw themselves reflected in my words or appreciated having their horizons expanded.

Are you ready to have your own boundaries pushed, your mind expanded, and your heart opened? Take my hand. I promise I won't bite...too hard.

Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Whips & Chains,

— TammyJo Eckhart

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