FrontThis is a collection of eight stories, described below, that was my fourth book. This was from a small press which frankly didnít have the resources to market it very well so donít be surprised if you havenít heard of it. One thing I really liked about it is the cover which portrays all of the stories in it's symbols and design.

Sadly, after a grand opening for the book at a convention in Louisville in 2004, I discovered the printer messed up the first story in the collection by cutting out two pages in the middle of a sentence! I was furious and demanded the publisher get it fixed and the copyright editor got into some trouble there a well. Don't worry, if you order a book from Amazon or Powell's you'll get the fixed version.

If you want the damaged one, you'll need to contact the publisher about that.

Here is a list of the stories included and a brief description of each:

  • "Eternal Pain" — Imagine you are one of the most powerful beings in the universe tortured by memories you canít escape. Now imagine someone cares enough to help you try.
  • "Appealing" — Slaves are not always victims, sometimes they work hard to become owned.
  • "Helpmate" — Premiered at Inconjunction and surprised my audience by itís sound and somewhat frightening science fiction story about a colonized planet gone wrong.
  • "Favorites" — Even the most valuable servant can be replaced unless he is very careful.
  • "Thanksgiving Vignette" — My only story actually based on my own personal life, a short look at the love and honor of my family.
  • "Earning Land" — How many of us dream of being space ship captains? Now what if you were one but didnít want to be. What you do to return to land?
  • "Salvage" — A generation after three plagues race across the world, one military unit salvages something they hadnít expected: a man.
  • "Circle of Blood" — Premiered at a reading in New York City back in 1997 to an audience of over 90 people. For a long time no publisher knew what to do with a strong about female vampire hunter who was also a woman of her period and thus gendered in a unmasculine fashion.

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