FrontBackWhen I first published the book "Punishment for the Crime", I stated getting e-mails. Some were a bit creepy, asking if I was like Yvonne the Butcher. Most were just compliments, but almost all asked if I'd be doing a follow-up story. The answer was yes and thus this third collection was born. I had to move to Greenery Press and this book became one of their best fiction sellers. Indeed, it is out-of-print now while other books that came out at the same time in 1999 are still in the warehouse looking for buyers.

I like the cover on this book a lot. It speaks to the fact that the artist read and understood the title story, it's complex spiritual and social message, itís passion and power. I loved seeing it in local Borders or Barnes & Nobles stores as it stood out from the books on the shelves. It was housed with erotica usually, but frankly my work has never fit neatly into any one particular genre. I'm actually quite proud of that fact, though I realize now that it must have been a marketing problem for publishers.

Currently, you can find its stories in both Sweet Memories or Mistress Loves Me if you don't want to pay outrageous amounts for the original book.

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