Mistress Loves Me, This I Know

FrontThis is a reprinting of 15 of the stories from my first three books which are currently out of print. I went with a small publisher who primarily travels the science fiction/fantasy/horror convention circuit as a way to give my work exposure to a wider audience. Plus he treats me with respect in term of the layout and paying royalties and he’s just a nice guy. The stories are arranged by the book they were in so you can get a feel for how my writing has changed over the years.

Here is a list of the stories included and a brief description of each:

  • "Best Friends" — New York City in the 1990s and the adventures of two young women in life and the clubs.
  • "One Chance" — The horror of being a slave offered an opportunity to move from the mines into more personal service to a ruler.
  • "Responsibilities & Privileges" — Being heir to the throne is not always a fine thing but it is always an important thing as one princess and the men in her life must discover.
  • "A Simple Gift" — A truly romantic story of married love and the healing of old wounds.
  • "As Is" — The hidden world of a biker bike and her new secretary journeying from Florida to New York City.
  • "Par Delà Fantaisie" — What if what you thought you wanted turned out to not be a fantasy after all? Could you, would you want to fulfill that potential?
  • "Since You Asked, I Will Tell You" — A fantasy story of how one couple met and stayed together despite their inability to ever be a couple by their society’s rules.
  • "Still" — Getting what you want is never easy no matter how many hoops you make your potential partner jump through.
  • "The Flesh is Weak" — How much are you willing to give up to get what you’ve always wanted? When do we cease to be human?
  • "A Woman Scorned" — Retelling of the Theseus kidnaps an Amazon story.
  • "Hespera" — A look at how Amazon society might really have functioned.
  • "Mating Season" — No nation can survive with only one sex so a ritual is developed to help two societies survive but at a cost to each.
  • "The Girdle" — Retelling of the Heracles and Amazons legend.
  • "The Vow" — A new look at the Trojan War through the eyes of the dead and soon to die.
  • "Thirteen" — An expansion of the legend of Alexander the Great meeting an Amazon queen.

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