Punishment for the Crime

FrontBackMy first book was part luck and part courage. Part luck because I met author, editor, and publisher Cecilia Tan at a Conversio Virium (a Columbia University student group) event and got to know her. She bought my first story and then pointed me in the direction of Masquerade Books. Part courage because honestly at this time I was using my writing to help me work through some very unpleasant childhood experiences. I didn't realize that even in my darkest personal hours I was crafting fairly deep tales that explored human emotions and motivations in complex worlds.

I think my work has only gotten better over the 14 years I've been published now. Some of these stories remain my favorites and I still receive fan e-mails or face-to-face comments about them when I attend various conventions.

Currently, you can find its stories in both Sweet Memories or Mistress Loves Me if you don't want to pay outrageous amounts for the original book.

I'm so pleased you remember this old work, but please do check out my new material, too.

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