Sweet Memories of Pain
and the Future of Pleasure

FrontThis a five story collection that I put out when I was finishing my PhD so it includes the classic two-part post-apocalyptic story about the Butcher of the Eastlands, another Amazon story, a science fiction piece, and a vampire story. Basically a publisher wanted something but I was really too busy to give him something 100% fresh. Again this will give you a sense of how my writing has changed through the years.

  • "Punishment for the Crime" — In a future destroyed American certain aspects of the Constitution have been preserved in horrific ways.
  • "Justice" — Freedom fighters work to restore the Constitution even if it means their lives.
  • "Journey Unto Warrior" — Silly boys. Think you can hunt Amazons. Think again.
  • "The Captainís Gaze" — Originally written for charity, this looks at how you might have to turn the tables on someone watching you to get them to do more than watch in the coldness of space.
  • "Doll" — She was the perfect woman and she was going to stay that way forever just as he was going to be her perfect man.

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